David has proven that he leads and supports legislation that aligns with the shared conservative values of District 130. He will continue to demonstrate fiscal responsibility to balance the budget and keep government working within its means. He will continue to lower taxes and support incentives that make Georgia a great place to live and do business. David has and will continue to support the 2nd Amendment, he will always vote Pro-Life, and he will work to reduce the size and reach of our government.


As a CPA and a legislator, David has proven that he is committed to lowering costs, simplifying our tax policy and protecting the integrity of our tax code. Georgia has been the number one place to do business in America for the last six consecutive years, mainly because of our low taxes. In 2018, David was part of process to cut income taxes for the first time in our history by almost $5 Billion over the next 10 years. He has fought against back-door property tax increases for District 130 and statewide – he will continue that fight.


While most of the nation has only recently come to realize that it is time to pass tougher illegal immigration laws, Georgia was the first in the nation to pass legislation in 2006. We have put even tougher restrictions on employers hiring Illegals and David will continue the fight to make sure there are no sanctuary cities in Georgia.


David has championed legislation to reduce the cost of healthcare for Georgia families and strengthen rural hospitals in all of Georgia. He stood up against middle-man administration processes and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) to decrease the cost of prescription drugs in our pharmacies (HB 276 – Pharmacy Patient Fair Practices Act) and will continue to go after healthcare insurance companies whose policies and practices are squeezing benefits and solutions, separating patients from doctors and other healthcare providers. This includes his ongoing pursuit of insurance companies that are seeking to deny payment of claims after emergency room visits, leaving citizens with unexpected bills (HR1194 – House Study Committee on Retrospective ER Policies).


David has worked to create an environment that attracts employers and supports opportunity in our community. In the state house, he has worked to assess Georgia’s assets, our strengths and weaknesses, review our ports, infrastructure and tax system in an effort to help simplify the way people do business and get government out of the way of opportunity across our state. He is a proven champion for manufacturing jobs in District 130 with some of the biggest private employers expanding and thriving here at home. In support of Georgia Quickstart and local college programs, he is working to close the skills gap to make sure our young people have the preparation employers require of them when they finish school. He will keep Georgia the number one state to do business by working with area businesses and keeping regulations and taxes to a minimum and bringing more, higher-paying jobs for our citizens.


David voted to fund the Quality Basic Education Funding formula at the highest levels in the history of Georgia in support of our public education system. He has strongly supported the expansion of technical education and continues to advocate for Gordon State College, Southern Crescent Technical College as well as the University of Georgia – Griffin campus which serves as ground zero for turf grass, food safety, and food product innovation and has become a strong ag and environmental science and research hub in our state. As a member of the Education Appropriations Committee, David has pursued recommendations to include bonds in the budget for 2018 that fund the design, construction and equipment for higher education.

  • $4.74 million for Southern Crescent Technical College
  • $2.3 million for Gordon State College
  • Adds to staff, equipment and program budget for UGA-Griffin Turf Grass Program
  • Policy and appropriations support for Georgia Quickstart to develop customized, job specific training for Georgia’s employers


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